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Bucovina Album release show with special guest Vorna & Valhalore.
Doors: 19:00
Tickets: 16€ (Tiketti) / 18€ (from door)
Mikonkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki
Tickets will be available 15.7 9:00 on Tiketti.fi
As every show brought by Asgaardian Events, we present you a quite interesting and colourful lineup.
Bucovina (Romania):
Romania’s most prominent metal band, ready to take you on a journey into the magic realms of Bucovina’s mountains and woods, filled with old lore and mysterious vibes.
Started in 2000, they bring an interesting mixture of Black & Heavy Metal, well spiced with folk elements & melodic line which they call Folc Hevi Blec.
Bucovina – Spune tu, Vant (2015): http://y2u.be/JCoh2ibRVK4
Bucovina – Asteapta-ma Dincolo de Moarte (2017): http://y2u.be/5Dx5p3a4yCc
Bucovina – Stele Calauza (2019): http://y2u.be/B-HO3Nqoi-E
Bucovina live: http://y2u.be/QzaM7-4RNj8
Bucovina – Stahl kennt keinen Rost (first single from the upcoming 20-year anniversary album, to be released December 2020): http://y2u.be/wejUKxpNNVU
Vorna (Finland):
Vorna are a melancholic metal band from Tampere, Finland founded back in 2008. The six piece band started first as melodic black/folk metal but later absorbed various influences from symphonic, atmospheric and melodic metal, now delivering a dark and majestic performance sung in the beautiful Finnish language.
Vorna – Tyhjyys on tyyni (2019): http://y2u.be/qWzPts93Law
Vorna – Sateet (2019): http://y2u.be/J5BEcRsw-2U

Valhalore (Australia):
Drawing upon elements of Melodic Death, Power, and Symphonic Metal, as well as folk music and cinematic scores, VALHALORE weaves a musical tapestry that is both breathtaking and awe-inspiring. With haunting melodic passages, crushing riffs, and heartfelt lyrical journeys, VALHALORE awakens a sense of majesty within all who hear them.